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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  June 2, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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a threat forces the evacuation of plane at philadelphia international airport this morning. nbc news learned the threat was one of several flown into airports across the country today. jesse gary is following the latest. tell us where the passengers are right now. >> reporter: the 88 people have deplaned and picked up their baggage and moved onto one destination. we talked to one woman returned from san diego to see her grandchild's christening.
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>> i wasn't really scare edd. >> if a threat is declared then we examine the explosive by the canine dogs. >> reporter: american owns the company, the flight was by u.s. air. it was determined to be a hoax. all of this just a hoax. the passengers have gone about their business. now there's an investigation by local authorities. live out of philadelphia international airport, jesse, gary nbc 10 news.f709
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the federal government released its report about the deadly amtrak train. we have report offense hears of a hearing going on now in washington, d.c. nbc 10 chris cato has been combing through the report since its release about half hour ago. give us an idea of what this report is about. >> it doesn't take very long to comb through because this is a preliminary report. only a few photographs long. it doesn't tell us anything new we haven't reported in the past few weeks following that deadly derailment. this is from the ntsb today. it says investigators have found no problem with the train's
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breaking signals, train or the track itself. the ntsb is still checking the engineer's cell phone. text messages were sent and data was used but they can't tell if he was using the phone during the specific time of the accident, around 9:21 p.m. video recorder and surveillance video. remember, we heard they have other surveillance video for businesses in the area that we haven't seen yet. we expect to hear more about the engineers cell phone as this investigation proceeds. as we told you they are checking into the possibility that a rock or another object would thrown at the locomotive hitting the wind shield. we seen the damage to the wind shield. at this point they can't determine if the wind shield was damaged as a result of the actual derailment.
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they are still looking into that. we told you that fbi found no evidence that the wind shield was hit by a bullet. the engineer said he doesn't remember anything in the minutes leading up to that crash. he says that's now been installed throughout the north ooets corridor and will be fully operational by december 31st of this year. chris kato nbc 10 news. it's a raw, chilly and overall dreary day out there. here is a look at boathouse row in philadelphia. glenn is here with our forecast. >> it's not a good day to do much of anything out doors unless you're looking for drought relief. this is the perfect kind of weather for that.
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it is pretty dismal for the most part. just keeping the temperature low. 27 degrees colder than this time yesterday in dover, delaware. just an unbelievable change. this patchy drizzle in and around the philadelphia area. much more fantastic rain up in berks county and lehigh valley. temperature barely budging holding in the r5050s for the most
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part. i'll tell you if there will be any change with the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. more breaking news in the past few minutes, the wilmington diocese released funeral arrangements for beau biden. there will be a private service and saturday there will be a funeral mass in wilmington. he was 46 years old. biden's friends and colleagues remember him as a kind hearted family man who work hard and made his own name. those in the greatest need of a voice. a septa officer is hurt after a scuffle with a homeless man. this happened at the north
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philadelphia station at broad and le high. it's about 2:30 this morning. septa tells us the officer attempted to remove the man from the station and the man fought back. the septa officer suffered a cut to his head. investigators are trying to find out who set cars to three fires in camden county overnight. someone used a flammable liquid to set the fires. they torched two cars. a philadelphia woman says she wants justice after someone shot her 13-year-old daughter over the weekend. she doesn't want to reveal her name on her on television.
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a bullet struck her in the stomach. >> get together. let people do something about it by they're not. it's just another kid. >> diamond is listed in criminal condition this morning. detectives have surveillance video showing the men responsible for a series of scooter thefts in south philadelphia. all the scooters were park and secured by a lock and chain. the lehigh county jury found the son of the police chief not guilty of pointing a gun at detectives last year. 23-year-old christopher fitzgerald is the son of the police chief. prosecutors argued he pointed the gun at two undercover
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detectives. jurors deliberate for five hours before acquitting him last night. the delaware state house is expected to vote on a bill to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana. it willishable by a fine of $100. moek turning now to decision 2015. it's primary day in new jersey. experts predict a small voter turn out at the polls today. voters will choose democratic and republican candidates for november's assembly election. every seat is up for grabs this year but there's little competition. only five of new jersey's 40 districts are contested. also on the ballot freeholder and county executive races.
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it's the organization that does so much for so many. how you can help out the american red cross on their first ever giving day. looking for sunny weather, not going to see it any time soon. i'll let you know how long we're stuck with the overcast weather pattern.
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the acting head of the transportation security administration has been reassigned after an internal investigation after the department of homeland security found security failures at the nation's busiest airports. >> reporter: the acting head of the tsa is out. melvin carroway immediately reassigned to another area within the department of homeland security. the move comes after a humiliating internal investigation found that tsa check point screeners failed to detect mock explosives in an overwhelming majority of tests carried out by undercover agents agents. the test was conducted by homeland security red teams. they failed to detect smuggled weapons in 67 out of 71
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attempts a 95% fail rate. john pistol ran the tsa until january. i talked to him on monday. >> in ofany of these failures are a training concern. >> reporter: homeland security secretary says additional red team test results are classified but the tsa has been conducting training. >> this suggests the system is in need of serious analysis to determine what the problem is. we're getting a better look at the scene where a passenger boat capsized up the coast of china. rescue crews have only pulled 18 passengers to safety.
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five out of the more than 100 passengers are dead. there's no word on whether the passengers swam to shore are accounted for. the bill about the nsa surveillance program cleared a major hurdle in the senate. the senate was debating changes to a house bill so now the big question will the senate amend the house bill or pass it with no changes. then will be house sign off as well? experts say no matter what version passes the nsa will no longer be allowed or store calling records. fema representatives are in texas meeting with homeowners in assessing damage from last week's record setting floods there. a total of 31 people died. seven of the victims lived in the houston area.
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across texas ten people are still missing while some residents clean up others will be speaking with fema representatives. residents say the agency is moving quickly and quietly. >> it's very straightforward like a claim's adjuster. they've been very responsive. it took them maybe 48 hours to get back to us. dash cam video from this mississippi police officer's cruiser shows a powerful lightning strike that barely missed him. the only side of damage was a missing chunk of concrete on the interstate bridge. i did have lightning hit that close to me one time. definitely makes you jump out of you seat a little bit. we've got some strange weather
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especially compared to what we saw last week. last month it's unseasonably cold. it's really damp. drizzle and rain and it's a cloudy week. i don't really see much of any sunshine the rest of the week. you can see the cloudy skies at citizens bank park. it's going be cold and damp. not real pleasant baseball weather. we were in the 80s last week. got up to 90 to sunday and 76 yesterday. maybe 59 during the day today. how about that for a drop. 55 now. 52 in trenton and redding. 60 in georgetown. dover is 57. it was 70 this morning. the temperature has gone down with the wind coming out of the
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northeast. you combine that with the look of clouds and it's hard theo get that moisture out of here until the wind direction changes. you can see not only some green on the map but increasing green. there's some yellow a little bit heavier rain toward the lehigh valley about to go into the poconos. there's more rain into the southwest coming up this way. we're not about to clear out. if anything it's going to get wetter. the rain being reported. north and west of philly just the clouds through the south and east for now. future cast showing not a whole lot of rain for later today or this evening. eventually sochl that rain from the southwest coming up here. this might be underdoing it. tomorrow's not going to be that much different than today.
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there's wednesday. still showers. still clouds. that's all the way through thursday. not really changing a whole lot. for the rest of the day temperatures holding in the 50s in much of the area. some 60s to the south. damp and chilly. the heaviest rain as you saw north and west. tonight will be damp too. temperature dropping to 57. more rain coming tomorrow. cloudy day. may not be much warmer than today. 64. clouds and showers on thursday. mostly cloudy on friday too. if we get a little sunshine the temperature can jump up and that would be true over the weekend as well. nothing like what we saw last week. thank you, glenn. this is a big day for an organization that continues to do so much gooddñó those who
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need it most. today is the inaugural giving day for the american red cross. red cross wants you to turn compassion into action today. judge renee hughes is back to talk to us today about the campaign under way. welcome back. appreciate you. >> thank you. >> tell us about this campaign and why it's so important to receive the public's help. >> it's so critical because while you think about the big things, you just reported on the texas storm, there's so many silent disasters. last night there were five fires in our territories. people don't think about these but the respond needs to respond whether it's big or small. we need people to go to our website, and make a donation so our volunteers will always be there to help families
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in need. that's our promise. to do that we need the community's support. >> we've become accustomed to seeing you and your people at these disaster areas helping people with shelter. i think the last time i saw you that i remember was a few weeks ago with the amtrak derailment. there was blood drives and all kinds of things. tell us some other things you folks are involved with. >> we also were born on the battlefield. we have a huge program to support our veterans and active military and their families. it's a critical part of what we do. we work hand in hand to try to prevent disaster. there year alone we're seeking to end fire fatalities by installing with the fire department smoke alarms and all those homes who need them and equally as important as a smoke alarm, help every family have an escape plan for their home.
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it's that kind of work in the community that giving day supports and really is what makes a difference. it helps us prevent disaster. >> tell us how they can help and those who have the means and it's people who may not have means but it's 5, 10 15 bucks here and there that helps out. >> i'm glad you said that. you can text a $10 deonation by texting red cross to 90999. if you do that senoco will match that donation up to $150,000. the $10 donation makes a huge difference. for those that have more ability to give they can go to our website. $5, $10, it all makes a difference. >> i'm sometimes conflicted because i see you on the other hand. there's typically something a
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disaster that's happened. it is good to see you hireere. you can make a donation on this red cross giving day by going to our website on or checking out our nbc 10 app. we appreciate you for coming. >> thank you so much. standing up for your health. the new workplace recommendations that could add years to your life. first, blind sided. the unexpected expenses that insurance companies say will raise your health care costs next year.
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higher than expected costs will drive up the cost of premiums next year. they have to hike them by more than 10%. some could jump more than 20%. the increases would apply to the insurance plans sold under president obama's law and other individual policies sold through brokers and agents. insurers say they were blind sided by costs and customers that they gained under the health care overall as well as the rising cost of prescription drugs. threats made against several airplanes across the world including one right here at philadelphia airport. the incident forced passengers to be evacuated from plane and what authorities are saying about threats this morning. we're following breaking news concerning the amtrak train derailment.
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the government released the first report about the deadly incident. machine
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. we continue to follow the threat of an evasionuation of plane. nbc 10 news has learned the threat was one of several phoned in to airports across the country today. jesse gary is following the latest at philly international. these passengers is a nuance for them and inconvenience but i'm guessing they have moved on. >> reporter: that's right. i did call and checked in with airline officials. they say there was no domino effect because of the delay of getting passengers into the airport. they were all here in philadelphia, no connecting
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flights. the transcontinental trip for the u.s. airways flight ends on an isolated stretch of runway. philadelphia police escorted the plane here after someone called the washington center with a bomb threat. washington officials passed the information on to the faa here and they told the philadelphia police department homeland security unit. bomb sniffing dogs and technicians spent a few hours checking the plane and its passengers. >> it is a safety precaution. i understand that. it's an inconvenience but it's got to be done. >> reporter: i called homeland security officials. they say there's a joint investigation. feds are trying to get to the bottom of what was a hoax.
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overcast weather today. it's not going to be great night for baseball as the phillies again a home stand against the reds. here is a live look at citizens bank park. glenn is here with the forecast. we were just talking about this about 15 minutes ago. >> yeah. it's like a bad april day at the ballpark. we have low clouds around. we've got some drizzle and light rain. we have an east/northeast wind. that's keeping the cold air in. temperatures are in the 50s everywhere everywhere. even mount poconos is 50 degrees. parts of delaware south jersey 20 to 30 degrees colder than at this time yesterday. 24 hours ago.
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the live radar showing a little bit more green here in the philadelphia area. some of these places got 3 to 6" of rain yesterday. the it's going to be wettest up in that area. we're seeing an increase in moisture back down around washington. some of that rain might come into chester and delaware county as philadelphia during the late afternoon. i don't really have temperatures going up very much. it's creeping up during the amp. damp and cold throughout the day. we'll see when we might get out of this pattern with the seven day in a few minutes. federal investigators leased their preliminary report about the deadly amtrak crash. here is a live look at a hearing
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on capitol hill going on now as lawmakers try to determine what happened. investigators know the engineer's cell phone was used that day. they are working to find out if it was used during the crash. they know the train was going over 100 miles an hour before it crashed. there will be a private mass for the biden family this thursday on the brandywine in greenville delaware. saturday there will be a funeral mass be wilmington. here is video of the church where the funeral mass will take place on saturday. they expect president obama to
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attend. the son of vice president joe biden died of brain cancer on saturday. he was 46 years old. his friends and colleagues remember him as a kind hearted man who worked hard and made his own name. beau's wife and the delaware community foundation is creating a new charity called the beau biden foundation to continue him protecting the most vulnerable among us. they will stand up and speak out among those with the greatest need of a voice. investigators tell us someone used a flammable liquid to set several car fires in camden overnight.
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they torched two cars and a third in the city of no one was hurt and so far police have not made any arrests. detectives are hoping the surveillance video will help them find the men responsible for a series of scooter thefts in south philadelphia. 17 scooters total have been stolen since april. anyone with any information is asked to contact police. breaking news out of boston. authorities say man who has been under surveillance was shot and killed earlier this morning. authorities say it happened after the man lunged at officers with a military style knife. the man's name is not being released. no one else was injured during the incident. secretary of state is in boston for surgery after breaking his leg during a bicycle accident in france on sunday. this is video of john kerry arriving in boston overnight. a state department spokesperson
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said he's this good spirits and is fully alert. a 6-year-old iowa boy is dead after a truck slams through a fence and crashes into a trampoline he was playing on. the truck dragged the trampoline the victim and his brother into a drainage ditch. the victim was pronounced dead. the driver faces vehicular homicide charges. we have video showing an out of control boyvehicle hitting a boy on a sidewalk. the video is graphic. you can see the boy walking along the sidewalk when the car jumps off the road and hits the tree. the boy got pinned under the car. witnesses called police and tried to lift the car off the child. when firefighters and paramedics arrived they were able to rescue the boy. he was taken to the hospital and he's expected to make fall recovery. no word on what caused driver to
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lose control of that vehicle. more than 400 people are still missing more than 12 hours after a cruise ship capsized in a china river overnight like how did the ship sink. >> reporter: the search for survivors is a desperate one. rescuers hammering to try to make contact with passengers still trapped edped inside. time is running out where the ship with more than 450 on board sank in rough weather. some people have been rescued. this 645-year-old woman was pulled out by divers. a few managed to swim ashore but after day of searching, hope is fading for so many more on the eastern star which was carrying 406 chinese tourists five guides and 47 crew.
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china's official news agency says the ship's captain and chief engineer are among the survivors. both are now in police custody. reports say the cruise ship sank in less than two minutes. no distress call was sent. chinese leaders have rushed to the scene. thousands of police and rescuers are helping. weather conditions are poor and visibility low leaving relatives clinging to fading hopes that they're loved ones will be pulled out. the captain has been questioned by police. he said the ship was caught in a cyclone and sank very quickly while many passengers were asleep. he abandoned them to save himself and he failed to make a distress call. relatives want to know why. back to you. ford is recalling one million mustang and gt sports car because the driver side air bags could explode. it's part of the growing list of
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vehicles affected by a previous recall of air bags made by the japanese com pñ takata. lawmakers will hold a hearing this afternoon on the defective air bags. a top executive with takata is encouraging automakers to make defective air bags that do not include a certain volatile chemical. the defect is linked to six deaths and more than 100 injuries. the washington monument will remain closed until at least thursday as workers try to fix an electrical problem. technicians have to repair an elevator in the monument. this is the most recent electrical issue of the site. officials closed the monument last week after a power failure. adrian peterson returned to the minnesota vikings today. he missed the final 15 games of
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last season. he sent an e-mail to the associated press saying he's excited to put on the uniform again. he will participate in the voluntary practice this week. the star running back pled guilty to misdemeanor for disciplining his 4-year-old son with a wooden switch. they will accept peterson with open arms. enrique iglesias is undergoing reconstructive hand surgery. he sliced some of his fingers when he grabbed a drone. h happened on saturday. he received minor treatment at the side of the stage to stop the bleeding but he kept performing. he will resume his tour on july 3rd. the evolution of the shopping mall. high-tech way malls are luring shoppers back into their doors. good weather to get into a mall.
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it's awful outside. we're stuck in a pretty dreary weather pattern.
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they make little hearts happy and big hearts happy too because as part of a heart healthy diet those delicious oats in cheerios can help lower cholesterol. cheerios... how can something so little... help you do something so big.
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xxépp@x@@ñ president obama is presenting medals of honors to the families who fought for world war i. they're both being honored in the east room of the white house right now. the 86 and 83-year-old daughters
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are with the president. today's medals of honors are with the 44th and 45th that president obama has awarded during his presidency. a bird flu out break is creating an egg shortage and sending prices through the roof. more than 44 million birds have been affected and the current price of a dozen large eggs is 58% higher than a month ago. fast food chain whataburger is scaling back breakfast hours. a new study shows smokers could require more anesthesia and painkillers during surgery. patient who is were current smokers needed 38% more anesthesia and a 23% higher dosage of painkillers than non-smokers. experts say nicotine may affect how the liver metabolizes
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anesthesia. spend a little time standing at work. that's what researchers say after the result offense a recent study showing workers should stand for two hours each day to avoid health risks. experts say once you're comfortable with standing for two hours then go a little bit further and stand for four hours each day. as more sales go online, more malls are relying on curated and dynamic experiences to drive shoppers into stores. >> reporter: as retailers close stores, many malls are morphing with fills the space. restaurants, salon, fitness and more. mall operator west field wants
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the lead the way. it has a bit of everything. it's the first ever co-working space in a u.s. mall. there's pop up shops all available for short term rental. it's a physical home for innovative companies from start ups to large brands. most of which have a focus on the intersection of retail and technology. >> you can get safe or desks or offices or couches or bean bags. you can get them for days, weeks. it's short term in nature because it's innovative in nature. it's designed for companies to test the relevancy of their products. it's designed to be quick and fast. >> reporter: shoppers can design custom shoes or custom t-shirts. five designers with fashion incubator san francisco will be here for months.
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even angry birds is debuting its virtual reality game. >> it will draw me back to the store. i'll come up here and see what new pop up shops are here. >> reporter: he thinks darwin's theory is playing out in retail. >> those that can't adapt are dying or will die. more like this that are located in unbelievable cities great locations have great retail. those malls are growing and growing. >> reporter: this mall is one of the more heavily trafficked malls in the u.s. a little traffic driving excitement can't hurt. free money alert. nbc 10 and nbc universal is giving cash to a lot of people. the goal is to support nonprofits that are implementing
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new and innovative ideas. the deadline the apply is july 3rd. you don't get much bigger change than what's happened since sunday when we got into the 90s for the first time and now we're stuck in the 50s two days later. it's unseasonably cold. the average high is now 79 degrees. it's still damp out there. more clouds to come too. there's blue up there somewhere. you have to go pretty far up.
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here is the temperature trend. it's probably going to be closer to 59 tomorrow than any of those other temperatures. we're in the low to mid-50s across most of the area right now. 61 degrees in georgetown, delaware. that's the warm spot. even there the temperature is going to be going up very far today. you can see on the radar, the last three hours seeing an increase in the rain. it's not getting drier or sunnier. it's getting wetter. the heaviest rain is in wurburkes county and hours and hours and more of that. they didn't get anywhere near the amount of rain the southern areas got yesterday. it's kind of evening out a little bit. they will not get 3 to 6" of rain like that got in parts of
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delaware and south jersey. the rain reports all across the areas north and west. not a whole lot of rain. it didn't show drizzle. the drizzle drop is too shawl for radar to detect. now you see moisture coming up wednesday. there's more rain. more of the northeast wind. more clouds. more of the cold. here comes thursday and more activity come up from the south. more showers coming in. we have to change the wind direction before we can really clear out and get that temperature up there. temperatures are only into the 50s in most of the area. maybe up to 67 in southern
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delaware. it's damp and chilly. the heaviest rain north and west. could get well over a half an inch of rain in burkes county lehigh valley poconos. it's damp and chilly today. it's kind of damp and chilly tomorrow too. hay not be a whole lot warmer than today. then thursday looks pretty cloudy as well. right now not looking until friday for any significant sunshine. maybe not even then. again, we have to change the wind direction. once we do the temperature can go back up to 80 degrees but nothing close to the 90 we saw on sunday. we'll be right back.
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coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00 ellen is all new with actress alison januarying from the sitcom mom. this afternoon, take the money and run. would be renters are forking over cash only to find out people posing as landlords are pogt pocketing the money and have nothing to do with the property. why it's so hard to catch the criminals behind this growing trend. now to an update on our top story. a threat forces the evacuation
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of plane at philly international airport. we found out the threat was one of several phoned into airports across the country. it turned tout eded out to be a hoax. police escorted the plane to an isolated stretch of runway after someone called tsa's washington center with a bomb threat. they found nothing after spending hours ss checking the plane and passengers. officials are investigating the hoax call. glenn is here with another look at this gloomy sight behind us. >> the forecast is no hoax. it's real. the clouds will hang around for quite a while. we have some rain to add to it especially north and west. temperatures holding in the 50s in most of the area this afternoon and not getting much warmer tomorrow. more rain is on the way tomorrow and only slow rise of the
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temperature as we go through the rest of the week. >> thank you. thanks for watching. i'm vai sikahema. have a great day.
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. >> kate: this has to be a nightmare. it can't be reality. it can't be reality that i'm reporting to justin kiriakis. >> clyde: he's a lawyer, isn't he? >> kate: mm. yeah. >> clyde: so what do lawyers know about making cosmetics? >> kate: well, i'll tell you what justin knows. he knows that lucas is sleeping with his wife. and that's all that victor cares about. can you believe that he's done thito me? [sighs] >> clyde: no, i really can't. >> kate: thank you. >> clyde: if i'd been in his shoes, i'd have fired your cute little ass. >> will: paul asked you if you were still in love with him, but you didn't answer. so are you still in love with him? >> sonny: you're really pushing this "hour of honesty" idea, aren't you?


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